• Digital Isolators

    In this article we discuss the design and development of a high reliability, high density digital signal isolator with parasitic powered inputs.
  • RTD Simulation

    In this article we discuss the development of a static resistance simulator for use in functional testing.
  • Resistor Tolerances and Statistical Distribution Thereof

    In this article we discuss the statistical distribution of 1% metal film and 5% carbon film resistors.
  • Modeling a Wound Toroid in Solidworks

    In this article we discuss the modeling of a wound toroid using Solidworks. This method uses surfaces and is a very fast method of creating a helical path around a curve. This method could also be used for generating complex wrapped helix shapes around objects, too.
  • Atmel SAMD51 20x4 LCD Driver

    In this article we share the source code and details on a 20x4 LCD driver with a hardware abstraction layer to allow for ease of migration to other microcontroller platforms.
  • Automated Continuity Test System

    In this article we discuss using the Qt5 framework to create a test automation application to assist with testing of devices where hands free recording may be useful.
  • Mathematical Reference

    In this article we discuss some useful mathematical formulas in a quick reference format and some helpful heuristics to solve problems.
  • Better Breakout Boards

    How to make better breakout boards by standardizing your designs.
  • Reactor Control System

    The reactor control system (RCS) is a fully automated control system targeted at the micro-reactors market for development and research of catalytic materials. It provides a low-cost entry for automation of pilot scale and laboratory research and development systems while offering extensive data logging capability and critical safety features including sequenced shutdown protocols as well as configurable warning, fault, and critical limits.
  • USB Thermocouple under 16KB on an Atmel SAMD11

    In this article we discuss the basics of thermocouples, software USB stack setup using the Atmel API without using an external oscillator, and tips for shrinking MCU code on a constrained system.
  • Measuring Lorentz Force

    In this article we discuss measuring the force created by a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field.

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